Sensors that read your mind

"As the market leader in retail brainwave monitoring headsets, we are very pleased to partner with ZenZone to deliver their patented, interactive psychological training app. Delivering content which is personalized to the individual based on their brain and body data is certainly the future. Also, with the rapidly increasing demand from healthcare providers for computer delivered, wide scale and cost effective mental health therapies, we believe ZenZone is very well placed to take a leadership role in this exciting area of brain fitness".

Stanley Yang, CEO NeuroSky, EEG Headset Manufacturer

ZenZone partners with the world's leading manufacturers of EEG dry sensors. Through recent advances in this technology, it is now possible to monitor your brain waves in real time, without cumbersome electrodes. The headsets we use are bluetooth connected, allowing you to practice where you want.


As a biosensor company and the world's leader in mass-market Brain-Computer Interface technology, NeuroSky builds wearable sensors that interpret brainwaves and other bio-signals for human-to-machine communication. NeuroSky's brainwave technology makes it possible to integrate brainwave technology into any industry.

To be fully compatible with iOS devices, please ensure you purchase a ‘MindWave Mobile’ headset (this can be part of the ‘Brainwave Starter Kit’). Please also ensure you buy the correct mains voltage for your country of usage. Headsets are available for purchase now via the links below.

Intended for usage in 60 Hz regions, such as the US and Canada

US store

Intended for usage in 50 Hz regions, such as the UK and Europe.

European store

Please check this link if you are uncertain on the voltage of your country:,_voltages_and_frequencies

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