Relax, Focus, Learn

I am a neuroscientist who is always exploring new neurofeedback technologies for both professional and personal use. I purchased a Neurosky headset to play around with and to evaluate its capabilities. While exploring the apps available for Neurosky I stumbled on ZenZone. Without question, ZenZone is the best of the apps for the Neurosky headset that I have used. And the pricing for the modules is excellent. In my opinion, ZenZone’s designers made a brilliant move when they decided to build their system explicitly on well-established hypnotherapy techniques that have proven positive effects on motivation, self-esteem, and behavior patterns. The neurofeedback element of ZenZone is based on EEG frequency bands associated with relaxation, which is probably pushing the limits of the Neurosky’s sensor hardware and signal processing capabilities. The ZenZone app is fun to use. My teenagers operate it on their own and enjoy it. Everyone who has tried it has said unequivocally that they felt extremely relaxed after a session. The app is stable; in six weeks of regular use it has not crashed or frozen once. The voice is clear, gentle, and soothing and the scripts are expertly crafted. As affordable wireless dry EEG sensor technology improves, future versions of the ZenZone app should be able to integrate the hypnotherapy element with more traditional neurofeedback protocols (beta/theta, SMR, alpha, infra-low frequency training).

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