ZenZone App

I have recently started to become interested in the whole ‘Digital Health’ space as it seems to be a growing area with companies like Apple getting more interested. After discussion on a forum, someone recommended the ZenZone app as it seemed to have some promise in this space. After purchasing the app, I am really …

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Awesome app to aid and deepen hypnosis

I recently purchased a Neurosky mind wave machine. When looking for iPad apps to use with it, I stumbled across ZenZone. This is an innovative application that uses brainwave feedback to display your progress toward a hypnotic state or focused relaxation. Using this feedback, the application alters the audio to create a customized hypnotic experience. …

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Well done

I started using the ZenZone as a way to reduce stress and react in a more calm and peaceful way around my family. My wife has noticed a great positive difference in the way I act and react around everyone. The staff at ZenZone has been excellent and very responsive to an issue I had …

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Great App

I am impressed with the feedback and customer service provided by the ZenZone team. I have used the software for brain entrainment, and especially like the email feature, where the results can be emailed directly to you in an easy to read format. I would highly recommend this program for personal entrainment sessions.


Due to increased stress levels from work and clients, I started looking for a stress reduction app–no surprise but there’s an app for that! I was intrigued by this one because it monitors my brainwaves and dynamically provides me content based on determining the optimal brainwave activity period.

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