Very happy with this app and love to use it for kids and myself in the zen mode – excellent mental illustrations of the super powers within


Definitely does what it promises – guided meditation that teaches one how to ease away from stressful thought patterns – highly recommend

Next Generation Pain Management

Wow! Finally another option to help people who are tired of swimming in a sea of pills for their pain management. Can’t wait to see it continue to empower me and the other people to take control over their pain. A new way to “think outside the box” for the future of pain management!


A great tool that utilizes brainwaves and suggestion to make positive changes. This is my favorite series of apps to use with the Neurosky. It gets your brainwaves in the appropriate area for suggestion to be implanted and the script changes based on how good you are at controlling your brainwaves. Perfect for breakfast, lunch …

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It works!

My field is how the mind, when harnessed with awareness, mindfulness and information, can make fundamental changes. This app does that – it worked for me to help me complete my doctoral dissertation. It will work for you, too!


Zenzone has the real power to positively alter your mind improving general well being. The app was developed in a way that makes us feel like we have a real mind coach with us.

Powerful stuff

I have been using various titles form the available collection. They are all high quality recordings that actually do work very well. I have several apps that use the NeuroSky brainwave feedback device and these apps from ZenZone are the best by far. They have a practical application that can help with your day to …

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Great app

I’ve been playing around with these apps for some time now, Mindfulness being the last one. It’s that moment of the day that I set my mind to things that are hard to grasp or difficult to achieve. I believe that it has provided me with the impact I hoped it would bring me, so …

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Relax, Focus, Learn

I am a neuroscientist who is always exploring new neurofeedback technologies for both professional and personal use. I purchased a Neurosky headset to play around with and to evaluate its capabilities. While exploring the apps available for Neurosky I stumbled on ZenZone. Without question, ZenZone is the best of the apps for the Neurosky headset …

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This app seems to help, if you let it. The mind learns and creates new connections every time it’s used and with this app and the headset you can interact with your mind directly.

I like it

I don’t generally find self hypnosis effective. Perhaps it’s the guy who does the sessions, or the eeg that can read when you truly relax, but for the first time I was actually in a sort of dream like relaxation during the session. Very effective.The app is basically hypnosis sessions that use eeg to determine …

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ZenZone App

I have recently started to become interested in the whole ‘Digital Health’ space as it seems to be a growing area with companies like Apple getting more interested. After discussion on a forum, someone recommended the ZenZone app as it seemed to have some promise in this space. After purchasing the app, I am really …

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Awesome app to aid and deepen hypnosis

I recently purchased a Neurosky mind wave machine. When looking for iPad apps to use with it, I stumbled across ZenZone. This is an innovative application that uses brainwave feedback to display your progress toward a hypnotic state or focused relaxation. Using this feedback, the application alters the audio to create a customized hypnotic experience. …

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Well done

I started using the ZenZone as a way to reduce stress and react in a more calm and peaceful way around my family. My wife has noticed a great positive difference in the way I act and react around everyone. The staff at ZenZone has been excellent and very responsive to an issue I had …

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Great App

I am impressed with the feedback and customer service provided by the ZenZone team. I have used the software for brain entrainment, and especially like the email feature, where the results can be emailed directly to you in an easy to read format. I would highly recommend this program for personal entrainment sessions.


Due to increased stress levels from work and clients, I started looking for a stress reduction app–no surprise but there’s an app for that! I was intrigued by this one because it monitors my brainwaves and dynamically provides me content based on determining the optimal brainwave activity period.

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