Awesome app to aid and deepen hypnosis

I recently purchased a Neurosky mind wave machine. When looking for iPad apps to use with it, I stumbled across ZenZone. This is an innovative application that uses brainwave feedback to display your progress toward a hypnotic state or focused relaxation. Using this feedback, the application alters the audio to create a customized hypnotic experience. ZenZone comes preloaded with several types of sessions. Once in the application, you have the option to purchase others. However, the included sessions are useful and no further purchase is required, unless of course, you get hooked like I have! From the standpoint of customer service, it is excellent. I had difficulty completing a purchase transaction through the App Store and the gentleman at ZenZone responded to my query immediately and provided a solution. For anyone who wants to learn to relax, focus on goals, or just have a cool experience, I highly recommend this application.

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