You Get What You Focus On...

If practice makes perfect, we have the perfect App to practice with.

ZenZone offers Apps that provide a wide range of solutions and each App is focused on achieving a different and specific objective (like reducing stress or mindfulness skills). However, users only need to purchase one ZenZone App. Session content from all other Apps can be accessed through an in-App store purchase.

Your chosen ZenZone App will therefore come pre-loaded with 3 free sessions:

  1. 'ZenZone Demo' a session that can be used to experiment with neurofeedback to control our software with your mind.
  2. 'Get into the Zone' a session that will introduce you to the powerful techniques of focused attention and meditation.
  3. The session that relates to the objective of the App that you have chosen (for example: the reducing stress session in the Reduce Stress App).

For best results and to get the most out of the ZenZone App, we recommend the following:

  • Listen to the ZenZone Demo to gain familiarity with how the system works.
  • Practice as much as you can with the 'Get in the Zone' session to help you to learn how to get into the right state of mind quicker and easier, in order to get the most from any further sessions you may choose.

When listening to any of the sessions, breathe calmly, relax and let the experience of ZenZone guide you into a focused, absorbed and pleasant frame of mind. We hope you enjoy all of our ZenZone sessions. Please stay tuned as we produce new sessions to help you improve your brain fitness and achieve your goals and aspirations. If you would like us to let you know when new sessions are released, please register your email address on the support page.

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