We define HEALTH as anything that addresses physical or mental health issues. There is substantial research and evidence to support the fact that greater physical and mental health can be achieved through leveraging the mind-body connection. Therefore, our HEALTH Apps are to specifically designed to gain the benefits from a combination of both physical and mental training.


Working in partnership with our valued users, we are currently developing further Apps relevant to HEALTH. Below is a selected list of potential subjects. Please leave your details on the Support Section if you wish to be kept in touch on our progress in this area.

Currently available:

Reduce Stress: Completely release all stress and tension, so that you feel refreshed and revitalised on every level. This ZenZone App will guide you into a profound state of deep relaxation.

Regular use of this App will help you feel much calmer as you go about your daily life, and much better at unwinding when the work for the day is done.

The Reduce Stress App is available now from the App Store.

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