An Exceptional Application!!

The ZenZone app is an extremely well-developed one that demonstrates leading edge technology driven, in part, by consummerization and, in part, by the scientific community’s desire to facilitate the higher-order development of humanity.

I prefer to provide a comprehensive review on five factors: Reliability, Quality, Customer Focus, Information and Value/Price.Additionally, I rate applications on a scale of 1 to 5, with 3 being “Meet Expectation;” 1-Unsatisfactory, 2-Needs Improvement, 4-Exceeds Expectations, and 5-Exceptional.Reliability (5) – ZenZone has proven to be an exceptionally reliable app. One does not have to “think” about the “how it is performing” because no bugs or flaws in the programming detract from the user’s focus on the app’s purpose. It’s similar to good air or water; you do not think about it until it is no longer good or meets your expectations.Quality (5) – ZenZone’s interface and functionality are exceptionally well developed. Check out the interface when you touch the Settings icon – three dimensional, app-appropriate selections, offering options that will guide and assist your improvement for whatever module you have interest.Customer Focus (5++) – ZenZone’s developers are extremely responsive to customer inquiry, in a timely and sufficient-content manner. You are not left to guessing your way through the application when clarification is needed. This factor can make or break a customer’s perception of the app overall and can increase or diminish the perception of the other factors drastically.Information (2) – ZenZone’s instruction about app usage and related output log data needs improvement. I understand that the developers are in the process of better “articulating this information in the Help Section.” I found that the datalogs can be exported by mail in text format and imported into various iOS statistical applications. Great stuff!!Value/Price (5) – My perception of value for the price that I paid is in the exceptional category also. I have no buyer’s remorse as a result of my app purchase. As a matter of fact, I look forward to any and all future offerings that NeuroCoach will provide. I have great expectations and anticipate more excellent offerings.Let me be clear! I do not waste my time writing bad reviews. If an app is unworthy of comment, I am silent. However, if an app falls within the realm of “Excellence,” I think one should, at least, take the time to express the value-appreciation to the developers and others who are potential users.Overall, I rate NeuroCoach five stars. Though the Infomation factor needs improvement, the Customer Focus factor more than makes up for it. I would like to see the Help section get updated soon.Ed Chestnut Edwin734

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