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10 years ago, we realised that there was an opportunity to combine the power of technology with the power of the mind. Only recently has this vision been possible due to brain-computer interface breakthroughs in the form of new brainwave reading headsets becoming available for the retail market. Leveraging the benefits of these new technology developments, all ZenZone Apps have been designed with guidance from leading technologists, neuroscientists and psychologists. In particular we would like to thank Professor Anthony Steed, Dr David Oakley and Dr Val Walters (all via UCL University, London) for helping to turn our vision into reality.

Our belief is that any computer delivered self-help product (like MP3 downloads) that doesn't have the capability to react and adjust based on a real time assessment of an individual's feedback data, can't be delivering a personalized and therefore effective solution. So we decided to build one.

Our journey towards our vision has been greatly helped by 2 rounds of UK Government grants to support innovative technology plus funding from the European Commission. We firmly believe that we were awarded these grants as our novel solution was seen as: desirable in terms of consumer appeal, achievable given the experience and passion of the team behind it and; worthy given the social good that could be generated.

Underpinned by the protection of a patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,517,912), ZenZone marks an innovation in technology to enable improved brain fitness and sustained behavioural change – without any of the side effects that some existing treatments and medications can cause. ZenZone is also robustly built to support on-going research in neuroscience and mental health.

Since launching in Feb 2013 the feedback we have had from our users (see Reviews section) has been both inspirational and confirmation that our vision has merit and that our journey so far has been greatly worthwhile.

Take a look and make up your own mind:

This should really focus your attention

The ZenZone App is designed to receive feedback data from your body via sensors, which helps the App to understand what state of mind and body you are in. Using proprietary algorithms the ZenZone App processes this feedback data to produce a single 'ZenZone Index' (ZZI) value, which is constantly monitored during the session. With the assessment of the ZZI continually producing an indication of your state of mind, the App is able to adjust the visual and auditory experience it delivers to you based on exactly how you are thinking in order to produce optimal results.


Free thinking

ZenZone Apps are available on the Apple iOS platform via iPad and iPhone.

This makes increasing your brain fitness and achieving your goals something you can now do anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Due to the inspiring feedback we have had to date, we are also working towards rolling out ZenZone Apps across other platforms like PC and Android.


A proven way of thinking

There are several brainwave markers that are associated with relaxed and focused attention. There is also a proven process to get into a state of mind where you are receptive to suggestions. ZenZone Apps follow this process, using your body's feedback to focus your attention and move you into a calm, meditative state of mind. Once there, the ZenZone App delivers content designed to produce the behavioural change you are seeking to make.

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