UK Government Funded

Our Vision is to combine the power of the mind with innovative, patented technology for both commercial benefit and social good.

ZenZone is a sophisticated brain-training App designed to interactively help improve your brain fitness, initially in Health, Well-being, Performance and Learning. Use ZenZone to:

  • Achieve your goals in life
  • Positively change your behaviours
  • Establish better habits
  • Perform at your peak

  • Where the power of technology meets the power of the mind

    As a cost effective way of delivering mental health therapy without side effects, the opportunity for ZenZone to deliver social good in health is enormous.

    The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is currently intending to trial ZenZone to reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – a condition which is closely linked to stress.

    It is one of our aims to provide the ZenZone App for free to health related charities.

    Achieve what you put your mind to

    ZenZone uses advanced psychological principles to train you to put your full attention on what you want to accomplish in life.

    When you combine the ZenZone technology with the power of your mind, just think about what you could achieve.

    Having received 2 rounds of funding from the UK Government, our ground-breaking patented technology is having a major positive impact for our users. See our Reviews section.

    Designed with you in mind

    The ZenZone App is truly one of a kind. Our patent is based around our App taking precise readings of your brainwave patterns to deliver tailored coaching sessions that vary according to your state of mind.

    ZenZone is a unique mental training system to help you to focus your mind, perform at your peak, and achieve your goals in life.

    Focus on your Goals

    For centuries man-kind has attempted to unlock the hidden potential of the mind. Thanks specifically to advances in EEG technology it is now possible to train your brain in a way that maximises your true potential.

    To access this powerful state of mind, all you need is the determination to practice and the belief that it can help you.

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